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Iki Retreats Bansko

Discover Transformation and Tranquility in Bansko: A Unique Retreat Experience

Embark on a transformative journey in the heart of Bansko, Bulgaria, with our specially curated retreat. Focused on connection and personal growth, join like-minded individuals in embracing the raw beauty of nature.


Dive deep into the theme of epigenetics, discovering how to harness your environment for healthier genes. Through a blend of light therapy, training sessions, cold exposure, movement exercises, deep social connections, meditations, neural conditioning, mindset shifts, and nourishing foods, you'll uncover the secrets to holistic well-being.


Reconnect, rediscover, and rejuvenate in Bansko.

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Why an Epigenetic Retreat?

Unlock the power of epigenetics and understand the intricate dance between our genes and our environment. Contrary to once popular belief, our genes aren't a fixed blueprint; they're dynamic and responsive to the world around us.


Epigenetics showcases how our environment — from the food we consume to the air we breathe — can turn genes on or off, significantly influencing our health and well-being.


Harness this knowledge by integrating practices like mindful meditation to combat stress, consuming nutrient-rich foods for optimal gene expression, and indulging in regular physical activity to reinforce positive genetic patterns.


You're not just a product of your genes; with the right environment, you can shape them. That's the goal of our retreat

Your Hosts

01 Experience

Feel & Experience What You Can Do

Step into a transformative retreat where you'll tangibly feel the profound impacts of holistic well-being practices. Illuminate your senses with light therapy, rejuvenating your energy.


Push your boundaries with invigorating training sessions and cold exposure, tapping into an inner strength you never knew existed. Dive into dynamic movement exercises and meditations, harmonizing body and mind.


Cultivate deep social connections that nourish the soul, and learn to harness the power of a resilient mindset. With guidance on optimizing your nervous system and nourishing your body through conscious nutrition, emerge from this retreat not just refreshed, but deeply changed.

02 Connect

Connect with Like-Minded Humans

Human connection is not just a feel-good factor; it's a powerful force shaping our very genes. Delve into the transformative role of genuine interactions and discover how deep bonds influence our genetic expression.


In a world increasingly isolated, the power of community becomes paramount. Join us in celebrating and understanding the profound genetic and emotional benefits that come from true human connection.


Together, let's rekindle the innate human need for community and embrace the positive genetic shifts that follow.

03 Results

Real Life Results

Experience more than just a week of transformation at our retreat; witness a shift that reflects in your very biological age.


The results you achieve here will provide practical tools to elevate your health and well-being long after you depart. Because it's not just about learning—it's about feeling and experiencing the profound changes within.


Leaving our retreat, you'll carry with you not just memories, but tangible changes that resonate in every facet of your daily life.


Why Bansko?

Discover Transformation and Tranquility in Bansko: A Unique Retreat Experience

Nestled in the majestic Pirin Mountains of southwestern Bulgaria lies Bansko, an enchanting blend of traditional charm and contemporary appeal. Imagine waking up to the awe-inspiring sight of snow-capped peaks, each day promising both tranquility and adventure.

Bansko is more than just a picturesque ski town; it stands as Europe's emergent hub for digital nomads. Its serene landscape, dotted with mineral springs and luxurious spa resorts, makes it a rejuvenating escape from the digital hustle.


The town, small yet inviting, offers a myriad of experiences from thrilling ski and snowboarding escapades to relaxing soaks in local spas.


Beyond its natural allure, Bansko is logistically ideal. Thanks to Bulgaria's EU membership, visa hassles are minimal for EU citizens. The town is incredibly accessible and is tailored for both newcomers and seasoned travelers.


Add to this a surprisingly affordable cost of living and state-of-the-art co-working spaces, and you have a locale that not only rejuvenates the spirit but also nurtures productivity.

Join us in Bansko, where pristine nature meets modern comforts, and experience a retreat that goes beyond the ordinary.

We are working diligently to organize our first retreat in Bansko in 2024. Keep an eye on our social channels for updates. Thank you in advance, and see you soon.

Team IkiGuides.

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