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Jorn Bosma

Leer in 100 dagen hoe je de controle over je gezondheid (terug) krijgt dankzij Epigenetica.

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Welcome to IkiGuides

IkiGuides is evolved education with online and live curricula events in lifelong transformational learning.

Traditional schooling prepared us for jobs and to be safe. But it ignored the areas that truly lead to extraordinary meaningful lives. We believe in empowering every part of the human experience, unleashing the full potential of your mind, body, health, passion, spirituality, career, spirit, connections.. your ikigai.


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Iki Challenges

We test it out first on ourselves – one of our key strategies in terms of product quality and ensuring that our team members are growing both professionally and personally is by having our team members be the first recipients of our programs

Enjoy our Guides journeys.

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We are organizing live events and workshops every month. Check our calender for upcoming events.

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We need pathfinders, teachers, communities, people who are willing to obsess themselves to lead the way. They can see beyond the point you at, they can help you see more.

Are you that person? Let us know and become an Iki Guide.

About IkiGuides

IkiGuides is an online university who facilitates transformational education to unleash your full potential and live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

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