How IkiGuides works

We collect the best teachers, pathfinders, guides, ideas, methods in personal growth. 

Why didn’t I learn this in school? Is a question you are going to ask yourself after regular visiting our platform. You have no idea how much knowledge is out there which can help you to live an extraordinary life. We are going to bring that knowledge together in one online school.


A curriculum for the future

There is no point of learning in a linear institution in a world with exponential changes and artificial intelligence. If everything around us is changing all the time, then the only thing you can count on is you. So the orientation should not be the successtory, the end product, but the orientation should be to learn something about your body, your mind, the nature of your awareness, your limitless possibilities through our programs. In the end of the day it’s about being the craftsman and you are your craft.


Creating a tribe effect

Instead of focusing on individualism, we believe our community is the most important pillar of our school and the key to making a tremendous impact. A safe environment to grow, where you can be yourself, a thinker, dreamer, entrepreneur, rebel, parent, teacher, visionair, artist, innovator, inventors, healer all brought together by our passion to change and grow. Imagine thousands of like-minded people supporting you, inspiring you and holding you accountable to your craft.

11 June 2019

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