Hello World

Why I want to build a new school?

I’ve studied hundreds of individuals who are very successful in their field. They are crushing it in health, beauty, socially, financially and enjoying life at the fullest. But none of them ever credit their education for how they got there.

I’ve always wondered why we all learn what the 99% of the population does, but not what the 1% does differently. In school we all learn from the same books, do the same exams and get the same degree, but it’s the people that do things differently that we consider ‘successful’.

We look up to those people, we idolize them and dream about them. But what if they are not any different than you? If you look closer and study them, you realize they are not born with any special talents. All the, what we consider successful, people have things in common and they do things that most people don’t do.

They all have been able to access a certain altered state of self awareness that other people dismiss. A self awareness of being in control over how they look, what and how they think, their health and their endless possibilities to pursue their dreams.

While most of us live like it’s a fixed thing, beyond our control. The more I learned about it, the more I was confused. But the biggest question I asked myself all the time was…. ‘Why did nobody teach me any of this in 20 years of schooling?’.

Imagine how powerful it would be if we had learned to do the innerwork instead of working hard on the physical world around us. A world that has to deal with exponential growth and changes.

I’m a product of a lacking education system that only catered our potential value as future employees, but never taught us how to live fulfilling, healthy and meaningful lives. We already pay the price for this collectively. Only look at the staggering numbers of people with physical and mental health issues.

I personally want future generations to be better equipped for the world of tomorrow. That’s why I decided to build a school myself. A school that questions the beliefs, ideas and systems that separates us instead of uniting us.

A school that reinvents the nature of work from something we have to do into something we love to do. The nature of education to keep up with exponential changes.

A school where graduation never happens because being a craftsman is lifelong. It’s so much fun you never want to stop.

Imagine a school obsessed with innovation, a school that experiments with groundbreaking ideas and methods for learning, connection and personal growth. A school that collects the greatest teachers and spread their wisdom. Imagine a school that celebrates the human experience, a school that creates connections, joy and friendships.

A school that rejects limitations and embraces our limitless possibilities. A school that is founded to create a highly evolved human being. IkiGuides is evolved education with online and live curricula and events that transform learning from an institutionalized, linear, to a complete and conscious lifelong adventure that has no end.

We do that by re-igniting the innate curiosity that lives in all of us, to become a craftsman again.


Jorn Bosma

Founder of IkiGuides

11 June 2019

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